Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday (8/14) 6am Swim Report

Next Swims:
   Saturday 8/15 @ 8am
   Sunday 8/16 @ 10am

Last Swim:
   Friday 8/14 @ 6am
      Water Temp:  59.6
      Air Temp:  71 & mostly sunny
      Waves:  flat
      Clarity:  Crystal Clear
      Kru:  Diablo, Scooby, Showgirl, Crash, Nanook, Scarface, Forger, Super Hera, Fred, Capt'n
      Skin / Suit:  6 / 4

Another delightful day for a dip in the lake.  Flat, crystal clear and an amazing sunrise highlighted the swim.  The cooler 60ish water at the onset of the swim by the rocks gave way to mostly slightly warmer pockets further away from shore.

An earlier swim appears to be the favorite option for Saturday's swim so the Kru has announced intentions to assemble at 8am Saturday to walk the plank.  For those looking to swim with the Patriarch for $100 it appears likely that he will make his return for the 8am Saturday swim.

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