Friday, May 25, 2012

The Return of The Amazing One

Next Swims:
  • Saturday May 26th, 12pm
  • Sunday May 27th, 12pm
  • Memorial Day May 28th, 12pm
Last Swim: Friday May 25th, 5:45pm
Water Temp: 51.3 - 52.5
Air Temp: 73 & mostly cloudy
Waves: rippled surface
Water Clarity: Clear
Crew: Gumdrop, The Amazing One, Lane, Bodacious Babysitter, Luke, Capt'n
Special Guest Appearance: The Patriarch, Adrienne, Matt

It's probably been 9 months since we last saw The Amazing One (a.k.a. John from Las Vegas). I'm not sure anyone recognized him at first but once announced everyone knew of the Legend. (...well, 'everyone' being The Patriarch and I.)

Staying true to form The Amazing One dazzled everyone with his amazing resilience to cold water.  With out even batting an eye The Amazing One swam skin this evening in the 51.3 degree waters.  Even more amazing was the fact that he was the first in the water and the last out of it....and by first I mean he was standing waist deep in the water at least 5 minutes before the rest of the crew was properly prepared to walk the plank.

For the record the crew swam to Cedar Grove and back and The Amazing One's skin swim at 51.3 set the record for the coldest recorded official skin swim.

The plan this weekend is to swim every day at high noon.  The warm air temps and easterly winds bring hope that the water temps will only rise over the course of the weekend.  :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the beach!

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