Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Defending Capn's Honor

This morning it came to fisticuffs when a scurrilous scalawag accused Cap'n of calling me PANSY??!!  I won't name the traitor who made this remark, but you'll recognize him by his fat lip.  I know Cap'n would never call me PANSY!!  After all, is was me, Patriarch, who took little Teddy under my wing and got him into swimming in Lake Michigan to begin with.  It was Patriarch who christened him "Cap'n".  It was Patriarch who poured him his first Killepitsch.  It was Patriarch who celebrated with him many a time at my place, at his place, at Pirate's kitchen.  It was Patriarch who kept the group together while the Cap'n was MIA with his drunken skirt chasing ways.  It was Patriarch who didn't say a word when Bruce and Larry kicked Capn's ass in Roots and Wings.  Would a man of honor like Cap'n betray such love and devotion and call me PANSY!!??  No, never!    


Jeff said...

I bet it was Diablo. I bet Diablo told Patriarch that Capt'n called him a pansy.

Beth said...

I like pansies. fyi..."Pansies are generally hardy plants and will survive freezing temperatures even during their blooming season. They do not perform well in hot, muggy weather or climes."

In other news, Gumdrop and I swam at 6am today, to garage, and back to the south beach. The water was flat, though a tiny bit cloudy.

Beth said...

Planning another 6am swim for Friday.

Gumdrop said...

Last Swim: Thursday Mar 24 6AM
Water temp: low 50’s by the toe test
Water Clarity: a little stirred up
Crew: Beth, Gumdrop
Next swim; Friday May 25, 6 AM

Another beautiful sunrise over a spectacular body of water took us once again to garage and back to south beach. I was wondering if we would see the white tail deer that we glimpsed yesterday when getting out. Noticed also by both of us was a golf ball on the lake bed somewhere between the down spout and the north most rock water break. We wondered how that got there. I find all this talk about pansy’s a little confusing. It seems to me that obviously whom ever uttered the word pansy must have meant it as a compliment to the fortitude that it takes to be a member of the Klode crew, since such flowers are of course known for their hardiness to cold and adverse conditions. I am also sure the Cap’n is to much of a gentleman to ever have meant ingratitude to much beloved patriarch! But there may be another explanation as well. One has to wonder, was patriarch wearing his lilac\pansy colored swim cap at the time which could have possibly led to him being misidentified? Well, whatever the reason, one of these days we suppose we’ll EVENTUALLY see all you pansies back at the beach swimming again! Until then more gumdrops for Beth and I!

Kahuna said...

What's the weekend schedule?

Luke said...

I'd like to thank Beth for her help in helping myself and my friend Marci make our first swim attempt with the group!

Is there anyone doing an afternoon (5pm or 6pm) swim today? (Friday)

Otherwise, I'm up for a weekend swim, and meeting more of these nickname'd folks (Pansies, Patriach's, Captains, and Diablos.... And Beth) :)

Gumdrop said...

Last Swim: 6 AM
Water temp: high 40's by the toe test
Water Clarity: shaken, not stirred
Crew: Beth, Gumdrop
Next swim: Friday May 25, 5:45 PM

The warm morning air deceived us to the chilly waters temps (in the high 40's) awaiting us, that were no doubt a result of the strong winds from the night before. About half way to the down spout we realized that our theory that the water would be warmer due to southerly winds was incorrect. Although a few degrees from the low 50's to the high 40's may not seem like a lot, mathematically, it does seem to be some kind of threshold for many individuals. On the way back I perceived that Beth may have had a momentary thought that the Lady of the Lake was offering up a good chilly chastising, but Beth’s spirits seemed to be much lifted when reminded of the fortitude of that cold weather flower, the pansy. Upon arrival back to the beach we were warmed back up quickly by a nice warm sun. Cap’n has called for a swim this afternoon, so of course I will be doing a double dipper. Hope to see you all at the beach!

crash said...

Beth, you are a stud! And I do think that YOU need a nickname. Perhaps something relating to your obsession to capture photos of furniture, particularly couches and sofas, thrown to the curb...just sayin'