Saturday, May 19, 2012

2012 Season Officially Underway!

Next Swim: Sunday May 20th, 1pm

 Last Swim: Saturday May 19th, 1pm
Water Temp: 52.1 - 54.8
Air Temp: 78 & Sunny, winds SE 10mph
Waves: slight chop from the south
Water Clarity: Clear
Early 7AM Crew: Beth & Gumdrop
Late 1PM Crew: Kahuna, Jack Frost, Sir James, Ben, Ben, Mike, Mike, Pat, Capt'n
Special Guest Appearance: The Patriarch & Crash

Light southeasterly winds were the only blemish on this perfect day for the Klode Kru's season opening swim.  The winds, despite being light, put a slight chop on the water and stirred the surface just enough to prevent it from warming under the warm sunshine.

...of course, this was The Patriarch's scientific explanation as to why the water temp wasn't as pleasant as last Sunday despite plentiful sunshine and an air temp that was 15 degrees warmer.  My theory to explain today's cooler water temps requires just two words, "Jack Frost".  But alas, it was great to see Jack Frost and the entire Klode Kru back in action again!

The water clarity was superb today and the sandy lake bottom could easily be seen in 10-12 feet of water.  Swimming northward from Klode's southeast beach to the Garage was virtually effortless although the first few strokes took a few of the crew's breath away.  Swimming southward though was a bit more of a challenge but it didn't discourage a few crew members from extending their swims down to south-south beach and back.

Tomorrow's forecast looks dandy so we'll be at it again.  1pm is plan.  Looking forward to seeing more of the crew then!


Ben Speed said...

The Monday morning 6:00 swim was a lonely one. And a cold one. Temps dropped to 49. Yowzers!

Luke said...

Hey guys,
I started swimming about a year ago, and need to get some open water time in. I'm not sure how long you go each day, and how fast you swim... But do you mind if I tag along tomorrow morning? If its OK, what time do you go?