Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Lake Michigan Swim Season Officially Opens on Saturday (updated)

Personally I would prefer the water to be a tad bit warmer, but it seems I can no longer restrain the eagerness of the crew to take the plunge.  Therefore, as Patriarch of the Klode Kru, I declare Saturday May 19th to be the official opening of the 2012 Lake Michigan swim season.

Update:  Apparently there is no time Saturday that works for everyone, so we'll have two crews: 7AM and 1PM.  Pick your poison!

Note:  the websites indicate water temps in the lower 50's, but I am very hopeful the warm sunny weather and long days will improve things quickly.  


Kahuna said...

I'm shooting for 1.

Gumdrop said...

Last Swim: Saturday May 19,7 AM
Water Temp: refreshing!
Water Clarity: Clear
Crew: Beth, Gumdrop

It was good to see the morning sun rising over a crystal clear and calm lake with the promise of many more such mornings to come with the official start of the season! The refraction of the sun rays projected to the lake bed was quite clear and fondly remembered. There were also a few minnows swimming as well. Our maiden journey took us gently to the garage and back today while taking in the sights. As we both had places to get to and things to get done we decided to keep it short and leisurely and ended the swim with a relaxing little floating shavasana just inside the bay.

Gumdrop said...
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