Sunday, May 13, 2012

Official Start of Swim Season Nearing?

Next Swim: ??
Last Swim: Sunday May 13, 1:30PM
Water Temp: 55.6 (...but closer to 60 away from the rocks)
Waves: calm slightly rippled surface
Water Clarity: Clear (4.8 on a scale of 1-5)
Early 1PM Crew: Lane
Late 1:30PM Crew: Capt'n
Special Guest Appearance: Soon to be frequent crew mates Adrienne & Matt with their speedy companion Lux.

The plan today was to soak my legs in the refreshing lake water...but as luck would have it I was very fortunate that I brought my swim gear with me.  :)  The coldest temperature I could find was 55.6 right next to the Klode rock piles.  Just a few steps away the Captn-o-meter read 57.

Lane had just finished a 20 minute swim as I arrived.  Soon to be frequent crew mates Adrienne and Matt had tagged along with Lane to witness Lane's momentous season opening plank walk.  After hearing Lane's tales of crystal clear water, no adverse chilling of the hands / face and nare a hint of chill in his voice I was all in for my first plank walk of the season!

Indeed the conditions were just as Lane had reported....not that I ever doubted him.  The water was crystal clear and the water temp was comfortably consistent (upper 50's?) all the way up to the rock wall and a couple hundred meters off shore.  The sandy bottom could easily be seen in 10-12 feet of water and on two occasions I even witnessed schools of playful little fish.

With today's pleasant swim conditions we shouldn't be too far away from the Official Start of the Klode Kru swim season.  All we need now is an official proclamation by the Patriarch declaring when our celebratory first swim will occur....of course along with a round or two of Pitsch for everyone...and the 2012 Klode Kru will be back in action!!


Ben Speed said...

Swam this morning at 6:00. Temp was 54. Surface was glass. Water was crystal clear. Went to mudslide and back. Still cold.

Gumdrop said...

Had a nice swim to Mudslide yesterday, around 5 PM. Any word on Patriarch? I hope he isn't imbibing all of the Killepitsch whilst talking to his parrot. We may need to perform an intervention to get him back for the season!

Kahuna said...

I spoke with Tom Held yesterday at the Bike Fed Grand Opening Party. He's no longer doing Off the Couch, and is now doing a new blog called "The Active Pursuit." Said he wants to do a story on the Kru, once we get around to officially launching the season.

Beth said...

Anyone want to swim early this Saturday? Say 7ish? This will be my first swim since the end of last year, so garage and back would be fine with me. Feel free to call or text, 414-331-8498.


Jeff said...

I'll do my best to do 7am! I think this would be a good official start to the season.

Kahuna said...

I don't know about "official start", but I'll try to make 7:00on Saturday. Fyi, if you are biking or running on the OLT between 4:30 and 6:30 on Friday evening, look for me on the trail, just South of the Capitol Drive Bridge. Then and there I should be running a "trail magic" or "bike commuter stop" for Greater Shorewood Bikers.

The Patriarch said...

Guys, could you make 1PM instead? Cap'n and I were thinking 1 is better because it will be warmer and we can't Pitsch one before noon.

Jeff said...

I guess I can swim twice, but maybe 1pm would be better...