Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Lake Michigan Swim Season Officially Opens on Saturday

Personally I would prefer the water to be a tad bit warmer, but it seems I can no longer restrain the eagerness of the crew to take the plunge.  Therefore, as Patriarch of the Klode Kru, I declare Saturday May 19th to be the official opening of the 2012 Lake Michigan swim season.

But can I at least convince you guys to swim at 1PM, rather than the 7AM that is being proposed?  Both the water and air temps will be warmer, and it will be a much more civilized hour to celebrate the season with a Pitsch.

Please comment, and I will update this post later today with the official start time. 

Note:  the websites indicate water temps in the lower 50's, but I am very hopeful the warm sunny weather and long days will improve things quickly.  


Beth said...

Alas, I can't make 1:00. Have fun and drink a shot for me. :)

I will still be there at 7AM if anyone wants to join me.


Gumdrop said...

I'll join you, and a couple of others from the Thur. bike ride have said they plan on being there as well.

Jeff said...

I'm out for the 7AM, sorry beth.