Monday, June 29, 2009

Suffering For Her

Beach:  Klode
Water temp: 60, but it felt colder
Waves:  small chop moving north to south
Crew:  Capt'n & Patriarch
Water Clarity:  Clear
Official Speedo 2009 Lake Michigan Swim Counter: 14
Next Swim: Tuesday 6AM Klode

Today was about showing her we still wanted her, that we were willing to suffer for her.  It was a crummy day; cool, cloudy, threatening.  60 degrees should have been tolerable in our wetsuits, but it felt colder, especially in pockets.  Twenty minutes was plenty today.

It's frustrating to look at the water temp chart and see a ton of warm water just offshore. Blow East Wind, blow!

We're going to give a shot again tomorrow morning, even though there's no reason to believe it will be any warmer.  But, as we've learned, the lady is unpredictable.  Will she demand more suffering or reward our persistence?  

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