Saturday, June 20, 2009

Certified Crazy to 57 degrees

Beach: Klode
Water temp: 57
Waves: light chop
Current: from the south
Water Clarity: good

Capt'n was supposed to blog Thursday's swim, but apparently he forgot his password (and I'm supposed to be the one approaching senility).  

There's no doubt that 57 is really cold, the worst part is getting your exposed face in the water.  But surprisingly, if you can endure the first couple minutes it gets a lot easier.  You just have to be careful not to let your body get too chilled, because as we've learned the hard way, the real suffering starts when you get out of the water.  Knowing this, we limited our swim to a refreshing 20 minutes or so.

We intended to swim again Friday, but we outsmarted ourselves (not too difficult, as perceptive readers have already perceived).  We met at Klode at 6AM and the water was 56 degrees, doable certainly, but we figured it would be warmer and more fun to go later in the day, but the weatherman was right for a change and all-day thunderstorms wrecked the rest of the day as far as swimming goes. 

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