Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 60 (but pockets of much warmer water)
Waves: Very small rollers
Current:  the web says from the south, but it felt the opposite
Water Clairity:  stirred up and murky near shore from yesterday's storm, but very clear 100 meters out, bottom visible 
Next swim: Thursday 6AM Klode

Today we more than made up for our wimpiness of yesterday.  We had a great swim out to the rock pile and back, about a mile.  We were almost too warm in our wetsuits, it almost felt like we didn't need them, at least in the warmer pockets.

We're way ahead of last year, the water wasn't this warm for another three weeks or more.  The season is off to a great start!

Hey, Schroeder masters:  there is no Thursday morning practice at the pool, come and join us in the big pool.   

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