Sunday, June 21, 2009


Beach: Klode
Water temp: 60
Waves: small rollers
Current: north to south
Water Clarity:  crystal clear
Next swim: Monday 4:30 PM Klode

It's only three degrees warmer than yesterday, but somehow it felt a whole lot more comfortable. 

Capt'n and me had a very nice swim out to "rockpile" and back, and then we decided to head straight out to see if we could still see bottom in deep water.  No problemo.  

There's nothing much to see on the bottom, mostly rippled sand, occasionally scattered rocks, but it's mesmerizing to be suspended ten or fifteen feet above bottom and watch it glide silently by.  It never gets boring.   I wonder if eagles feel the same as they soar through the sky.

The lake as a whole seems to be warming up much more quickly than last year, I don't know why, but I sure hope the trend continues. A few degrees more and we'll be jettisoning our wetsuits.  

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