Saturday, June 27, 2009

Klode / Big Bay Swim at 9am Sunday

With the Pleasant Prairie Open Water Challenge / Aquathon today The Patriarch and I unfortunately did not have a chance to jump in the lake today. The map looks absolutely phenomenal though...mid to upper 70's?

We did, however, cash in on our double dip opportunity on Friday afternoon. The official reading from the Patriarch's thermometer read 69 a few feet below the surface. The surface temperature was most likely a few degrees warmer. As you can probably guess, swimming without a wetsuit for us was a real no brainer. :)

Friday's swim was an easy one for us. From Klode's south beach we kicked around the bay a bit and retrieved a floating walking stick. Ventured down to south-south beach and then returned to kick around the Klode bay a bit more to retrieve the Captn's pistol that floating about 150 meters from shore. "Exhilarating!" With the sunny skies and warm air temps to go along with the warm water temps it was a real challenge to motivate us to get out of the water.

This morning's aquathon was an absolute blast! Haven't seen the official results yet...but the Patriarch's mile swim was in the neighborhood of 36 and mine was around 28...approx. 8 minutes faster than last year! (...many thanks to the Schroeder Swim coaches Jessica, Dave, Adam and Chase for their words of wisdom over the winter!!)

Also saw Megan, James and John Jones at the Open Water Challenge. All three completed the the 3 mile event...amazing!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Klode!

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