Monday, June 15, 2009

2009 Lake Michigan Swim Season Officially Open

Beach: Pirates Cove (Bay View Beach)
Water Temp: 59 (as measured by my new water thermometer)
Waves: Calm
Current: None
Water: Murky
Next Swim: Tuesday 7PM at Klode Beach in Whitefish Bay

I'm happy to report on our first lake swim of the year.  Cap'n and I met at Pirates Cove after work, thinking that the water would be warmer behind the breakwall.   

I had forgotten (or blocked out) the shock of that initial plunge into cold water.  But after a couple minutes, we were plenty cozy in our wetsuits and multiple caps (Cap'n had neoprene booties and gloves too!).  We could have swum for as long as we wanted, but we were pressed for time, so we only did 15 minutes.  Still, it was great to be in the drink again.

But now we're anxious to get out in the open lake, to rock and roll in the waves again, and get away from all the boats coming in and out of South Shore Marina.  So we're going to give Klode a shot tomorrow at 7PM.  

Please join us!   

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