Saturday, June 2, 2018

What Type of Swimmer are ya?

Next Swim:  Sunday June 3rd @ Noon
Last Swim: Saturday June 2nd @ 1pm
   Water Temp:  54.7
    Scottish Water Temp:  "Aye, Alright..."  Click Here for Scottish Water Temp Guide
    Waves:  light chop
    Clarity: murky
    Crew: Kahuna, Itch, Panini, Ziggy, WildFlower, Capt'n with Special Guest Spectator The Patriarch

Watching my fellow Kru mates enter the water for these early season swims reminds me of one of me favorite videos..."what type of swimmer are ya?"

If you're curious about swimming and hypothermia here's a fascinating video from Dr. Popsicle (...compliments of Kahuna…):  Cold Water Survival


Kahuna said...
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Kahuna said...

The Scottish Temperature Chart
Remember “testin’ the wa’er temperature is irrelevan,” cause it’s going to be cold, but here is an approximation of the seven temperature categories on the Scottish Temperature Chart:
1. Roastin’ (68 and above?) (we get this beautiful temperature only a couple times a year)
2. Decent (64-67?)
3. Na Baa (water doesn’t cause your feet pain immediately) (60-63?)
4. Aye Alright (56-59?)
5. Wee Bit Chilly (ice cream head, a/k/a “Bit Brutal”) (53-55?)
6. Cold! (hands start to shrink, only the hands) (50-52?)
7. BALTIC! (it’s brutal, a/k/a “F*@&ing Cold” or “Hoora Cold” or “Bollocks to this, I’m getting out!”) (49 and below)

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Wow some really good tips in the video - namely, you may have more time than you think! And there are things you can do to extend that, freeze to the ice....