Friday, August 4, 2017

Warm Water Cool Air

Next Swims:
* Fri 8/4 5:30 PM
* Sat noon
* Sun noon

Last Swims:
Fri 6AM
Water: 69, murky, calm
Crew: Kevin, Erin, Dave, Showgirl, Magic Mike, Patriarch

Thu 6PM
Water: 70
Crew: Itch, Moondawg

Thu 6AM
Water: very wavy and rough
Crew: Diablo

Wed 6PM
Water 71, murky, 2-3 foot waves
Crew: Kristen, Nanook, Itch, Mitch, Patriarch

The water was much warmer than the air this (Friday) morning.  My hands actually felt cold when I reached for the next stroke.  And I chilled quickly when I exited the water.  Fortunately I had a couple layers of dry clothes to change into, and a hat and gloves.  

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