Sunday, August 20, 2017

Klode Kru Plunders Big Swell Swim

Next Swims:
   Monday 8/21 thru Thursday 8/24 - 6am & 6pm (Klode)

Last Swims:
   Big Swell Swim - McKinley beach Sunday 8/20 8:30am
      Water Temp: 68+
      Waves: 1-2ft from south
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Showgirl, Itch, Neo, Panini, Crash, Gumdrop, Jack Frost, El Jeffe,  Drangonfly, Sir James, Wet Taco, Magic Mike, Mogal Mike, Molly, Lorraine, Rosa, Sara, Jake, Dave, Capt'n

  Klode Swim - Sunday 8/20 @ 1pm
      Water Temp: 68
      Waves:  moderate/heavy chop from south
      Clarity: clear
      Crew: Diablo, Scooby, Nanook, Forger, Northshore Nancy, Handyman Hank, Wet Taco, El Jeffe, Panni, Crash, Showgirl, Capt'n

Congrats to all the Klode Kru members who completed this morning's Big Swell Swim!  The announced water temp at the start of the race was 68 but every Klode Kru member I spoke with afterwards described the water temp as "Roastin"!.  (Me Toe-mometer placed the water temp  around 72-73)  While the water temp was delightfully warm ( lake Michigan standards that is...) the overly playful 1ft waves pushing up from the south were a little less hospitable.  This made the final leg of the swim from Bradford Beach to McKinley beach REALLY fun....NOT!

Rockin' the swim podium today was Sir James and Molly who were the 3rd male and 2nd female in the 5k non-wetsuit division and Jake and Jack Frost who were the first and second men in the 2.5k non-wetsuit division

Complete results can be found at:


rsm said...

HH and NSN are swimming during the eclipse. If you come we may sing a couple stanzas from this song...

Lorraine said...

And Itch placed 3rd in men's non-wersuit 2500!

Forger said...

Monday 6:00AM quiet, calm clear 68 ish. Diablo, Mark, Forger and guy with flippers

Jack Frost said...

Someone needs to post pictures of the Kru or else others won't know that it really happened.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Big Swell was super fun with a big crowd of Kru sharing a bit of Pitsch in the post-race festivities...I chatted up the Blue Seventies guy about sponsorship this blog and reaching its huge, wet-suit hungry demographic!

Lorraine said...

Pics of Big Swell were taken, both before and after. Please post!

Bikes matter said...

I love my Blue Seventies Core shorts. Excellent fit and comparable buoyancy of a wet suit but without the restriction of my non sponsored wet suit that has orange graphics.