Sunday, August 13, 2017

Curse Like a Scotsman

Next Swims:
* Mon 8/13 - 6AM & 6PM
* Tue  8/14 - 6AM & 6PM

Last Swims:
Sun 1PM
Water: 71 murky and very choppy
Crew: Wet Taco, Beth, Handyman Hank, North Shore Nancy, Phoenix, Mo, Magic Mike, Itch, Forger, Lorraine, Diablo, Niche, Moondawg, Patriarch

Sat 1PM
Water: 70 1-2 foot swells, murky
Crew: Diablo, Mitch, Blake, Showgirl, Panini, Kahuna, Moondawg, Itch, Magic Mike, Scuba, Super Hera, Patriarch

Fri 5:30 PM
70 with chop on top of one foot swells, murky
Crew: Itch, Blake, Wet Taco, Handyman Hank, North Shore Nancy, Patriarch

Today was "Learn to Curse like a Scotsman" day on the beach.  Kahuna, garbed in his kilt, regaled us or I should say verbally assaulted us with foul mouthed glee.  He promised more to come.  Forger I suggest you steer clear as he seems to harbor especially vile opinions of Irishmen. I can't repeat his language here but it involved Jameson and enemas.  And I pity any Brits amongst us as they will not just have Panini to deal with but now Kahuna too. God save the Queen!


Kahuna said...

Scots ruined Scotland:

Best of Groundskeeper Willie:

Lorraine said...

Hey all, Got an email today from the Big Swell folks. They're looking for lifeguards and folks with boats/kayaks for next Sunday am swim - start time 8:30a at McKinley Beach. If you know anyone please pass this along:
We are in SERIOUS NEED of volunteers in the water, lifeguards (paid $50 cash), and boats (kayaks preferable). If you can help out, or know someone in the area, please have them get in touch with us (

rsm said...

i will send the info along to the aquatics director at shorewood rec--she could send an email out to her lifeguards

Wytosk said...

I'll reach out too.

Kahuna said...

Don't forget to wish Panini Happy Independence Day on Tuesday, August 15th. May the Indian tricolor, the flag of a great nation, always fly high.