Saturday, August 19, 2017

Panini's 4th Swimiversary

Next Swims:
   Big Swell Swim - Sunday @ 8:30am (McKinley Beach)
   Klode Kru Swim - Sunday @ 1pm & Monday @ 6am/6pm

Last Swims:
   Friday 8/18 @ 6am
      Water Temp: 68
      Waves: Calm
      Clarity: Crystal Clear
      Crew: Diablo, Panini, Magic Mike, Handyman Hank

   Friday 8/18 @ 5:30pm
      Water Temp: 68.9 (per Itchometer)
      Waves: rippled surface
      Clarity: Crystal Clear
      Crew: Itch, Gumdrop, Nanook, Drangonfly, Erin (Quinoa salad?), Capt'n + Sir James sighting

   Saturday 8/19 @ 1pm
      Water Temp: 70+ (as measured by me toe-ometer)
      Waves: slight/moderate chop from south
      Clarity: Crystal Clear
      Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Crash, Panini, Foxy Roxy, Handyman Hank, Liz, Mark, Mo, Catp'n + Scottsman sighting

Today was Panini's 4 year swimiversary.  While most may not remember the day, The Patriarch has been known to reminisce about the day before Panini's first swim.  The story would start..."Ahhhh, I remember when it used to be so peaceful on the beach.  In fact, let me tell you about the last day there was peace on the beach..."  Rarely would The Patriarch speak of the day after that day though...but get enough grog in The Patriarch and he'll rant with the best of them!

...but enough about The Patriarch.  This blog post is dedicated to Panini's 4th Swimiversary and the fond memories we all have Panini.  Like the first time she put on her wetsuit...backwards.  And the time she misspelled Dragonfly...a nickname that has stuck by the way!  ...and the other time she misspelled Gumdrop as Dogrump.  Still not sure why that one didn't stick....

While I could go on for at least a few more sentences...or maybe even a paragraph...about my fondest Panini moments I'd like to invite everyone to post a comment with your favorite Panini moment.  (...hopefully I haven't already spoiled yours with what I've already written...)  Many thanks to Panini for bringing her sensationally colorful personality to the Klode's to 4 more years, CHEERS!!!


rsm said...

every moment with Panini is precious.

rsm said...

handyman and I went to the lakefront this morning to cheer for the Klode Kru swimmers--more wetsuited swimmers than skin. not many swimmers total--so folks had plenty of swim stroke room.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

My fondest memories of Panini involve outrageous comments that she's made, that probably shouldn't be repeated here....or anywhere....There is always that one person in the crowd who will JUST SAY IT and that's Panini!