Thursday, August 24, 2017

Solitary Morning

Next Swims:
* Thursday 6PM
* Friday 6AM & 5:30 PM

Weekend Swims:  I'm thinking noon but open to other suggestions.

Last Swims:
Thursday 6AM
Water: 66, whitecaps covering the bay - irregular 2-3 ft high frequency waves, very rough
Crew: Diablo, Patriarch

Wed 6PM
Water: 68 Choppy
Crew: Itch, Magic Mike, Wet Taco, Handyman Hank, Patriarch

Wed 6AM
Water: 66 very clear, gentle swells
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Mr. Anonymous, Mark, Scuba, Patriarch

I biked to the beach on this gray drizzly morning and arrived just as Diablo was leaving.  He warned me that it was tough going, especially north.  I walked down to the beach and waited a bit hoping others would show up.  No one did.  I wrestled with myself.  Swimming alone in rough water is not a good idea of course, but I've done it plenty of times, in worse conditions.  I finally decided on a short swim.  It was exhilarating but a little scary too.  Diablo's report was accurate.  After much time and effort I barely made sewer pipe. I turned around and was back on the beach in no time.  I had the entire beach to myself so I sat on the bench for a while and enjoyed the beautiful morning sky.

P.S.  Monday's total eclipse of the sun was spectacular.  I thought maybe it was being over-hyped, but if anything it was even more dramatic than I imagined.  Pictures do not come close to the actual experience.


Showgirl said...

Could the Saturday swim be at 1:00PM? Pretty please? Noon Sunday is fine.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

I was looking for the blog on the Tuesday evening swim, and then I remembered I had been "volunteered" to write it. Let's see what I can remember: Water had plummeted to 63 degrees but was warmer away from the rocks. The evening was partly sunny but cool, with a gentle swell and north-south current in the Lake. Visibility was quite good especially away from the rocks. Itch, authentic Scottsman, Mark and Joanne, Kristin with an E, Super Hera, Two-Ply, Bob from Arizona and his daughter were present. With Joanne and Bob's daughter in shore support, a group of us swam to Birches, where Two-Ply and I turned back, but others carried on to Mudslide or thereabouts. It was chilly and the Pitsch was welcome!