Friday, August 11, 2017

26 Days of Great Conditions

Next Swims:
* Fri 8/11, 5:30 PM
* Sat 8/12, 1PM
* Sun 8/13 1PM

Last Swims:
Fri 6am
Water: 68 clear and calm
Crew: Panini, Kahuna, Showgirl, Dave, Forger, Moondawg (on his SUP), Sir James, Big Show, Scuba, Super Hera, Diablo, Patriarch

Thu 6PM
Water:  70 murky, a little choppy
Crew: Itch, Kristen, Don Diego, Moondawg, Andrea, Amy, Chris, Deanna, Patriarch

Thu 6AM
Water: 68 choppy clear, light rain as we finished
Crew: Diablo, Capt'n, Ziggy, Moondawg, Magic Mike, Panini, Patriarch

Wed 6PM
Water:  71 clear choppy
Crew: Itch, Handyman Hank, Itch, Wet Taco, Lorraine, Patriarch

Sadly, no naked swimmers or other outrageous adventures to report.  Just excellent swimming.  If  I calculated correctly today was our 26th straight day with water temps in the mid-60s or higher.

A couple years ago, I believe it was 2014, we had a similar season with a solid month of warm water.  Hopefully we can meet or exceed that streak.

But of course the superstitious among you will say that I just jinxed us by bringing the subject up.  I know that Capt'n believes that she (the lake is female of course) would just as soon rip our hearts out and feed them to the fish.  Personally I believe the lake doesn't care about us one way or the other.  But I do have to admit we've seen some dramatic skies lately, full moons, bright crimson sunrises and towering cumulonimbus nimbus (according to Itch) clouds.  A portend of something or other.

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