Thursday, September 29, 2016

Swimming in October

Next Swim: Saturday October 1st noon, possibly Sunday noon as well, check back

The water temp Thursday evening was a very swimmable 55, but the waves too big and rough.  Friday's prediction is for even rougher seas, but the waves should diminish by Saturday.  This weekend may be our last hurrah.  (Or at least my last hurrah, Itch and Wet Taco are determined to swim until Thanksgiving!).   Come to the beach and help us make it happen.  Impress your friends with tales of swimming in Lake Michigan in October.  (Or appall them.)

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Scott Ealy said...

I remember swimming in Lake Michigan in Chicago on Columbus day approximately five-years ago the day after I ran in the Chicago Marathon. Fairly pleasant.

Just wondering, do many people swim in the lake with wetsuits in October and November? I live by a lake in downstate Effingham, Illinois, and am hoping to put my wetsuit to use very soon!