Thursday, September 8, 2016

Last Chance For Big Shoulders Car Pool

Next Swims:  Thursday Sept. 8th 6PM
Friday Sept. 9th 6AM
On Saturday many of us will be at Big Shoulders in Chicago or preparing for Sunday's Ironman in Madison.  If you are interested in a Saturday swim please post a comment.

Last Swim: Thu Sept. 8th 6AM
Water:  64 clear and flat calm
Crew:  Kahuna, Mr. Anonymous, Diablo, Patriarch

Yet again the Lake surprises.  After yesterday's big storm I expected rough murky water.  Just the opposite, clear and calm.  Some of the best swims happen when you least expect them.

Last Call for Big Shoulders car pool.  If you want a ride to Chicago early Saturday morning contact Jack Frost or me or leave a comment on this blog.  We have room for one, possibly two more.

As usual it wouldn't be Big Shoulders without some drama about swim conditions.  Current forecast predicts big winds and thundershowers Friday night into Saturday morning.  But of course the forecast can change seven times between now and Saturday so we hope for the best.  


Jeff said...

I have room for 1 more in my car. Taking Molly and Gumdrop. North Shorewood/SE WFB area swimmers welcome.
Jack Frost

Jeff said...

...making first pick up at 5am, second pickup at 5:02am. Stopping for McDonalds at Oasis.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Good Luck Everyone in Big Shoulders and Iron Man! Rock 'em!

Linda the Lamprey said...

Planning a 5am swim for tomorrow, tentatively. Anyone interested in the fun is welcome to come, please respond to this post!

Jeff said...

....and Mr. Anonymous makes 4 in my car.

Lorraine said...

I swam yesterday (Th) at 6pm. The flies were BAD, which I think is why when I arrived at the beach a few minutes late, others were already in the water heading north, and when I got back to the beach after a longish (45 min) swim, it was deserted. Aside from the flies, the conditions were great - mid-60s, mostly clear, and calm.

Wytosk said...

Flies are are the swimmers :(