Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Knearly Knuckle-head

Next Swims: Wed-Fri 09/14-16 6am
Evening Swims: 6pm  (check comments)

Last Swim: 6am Tues 09/13

Water Temp: Mid to high 50's (from my pretty accurate toe-mometer.  Show-mometer?)
Water Clarity: so-so, clearer further out
Water condition: small swells out of the south
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Rachel, Gumdrop
Suit/Skin: 1/3
Biting Flies: none
Knucke-head-ometer: possibly in the green

There were rumors of a 5:15AM swim, that turned out to be just that.  Possibly deterred by lightening + cold water.

The 6am swim occurred as planned, with eyes open for lightening.  Diablo and I swam to birches.  On the return trip, I thought I saw a flash. Tried (and failed) to alert him, so we just kept swimming back to the beach, unscathed.

Back on land, it was starting to sprinkle, with a side of thunder rumbles.

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