Thursday, September 29, 2016

October or Bust

Next Swim:  Thu September 28th 6PM

I could not be at the beach last night, but I got a report from Itch that the water was too rough to swim.  The water temp was 54.

Looking at today's forecast, 5-7 waves are predicted.  One might conclude that it was not a good day to swim, or even that the season might be over.

Balderdash I say!  We are going to swim into October.  It might be too rough tonight, but we won't concede defeat without at least trying.  And if it doesn't happen we'll try again tomorrow and on the weekend.


Gumdrop said...

Wax your boogie boards and just slide.

Wytosk said...

I'm in. Thanksgiving or bust.

jamie said...

gotdamn right Patriarch! Thanksgiving may be pushing it....but hey, we can keep trying.