Friday, September 9, 2016

Good Luck to all Big Shoulders and Ironman Participants

Next Swims:  Sunday Sept 11th 10AM
Regarding Saturday, many of us will be in Madison or Chicago, so if you want to swim feel free to comment in the blog and propose a time.

Last Swims:  Fri Sept 9th 6AM
Water: 65 Calm and crystal clear
Crew: Rachel, Mike, Showgirl, Diablo, Lamprey, Scooby, Itch, Rosa, Patriarch

Thu Sept 8th 6PM
Water: 67 calm and clear
Crew: Bob, Itch, Lorraine, Patriarch

Apologies to Lorraine.  We starting swimming early because of the damned flies.  We thought we'd see you out there, but we didn't.  We waited on the beach until you were almost back, but then left because of the flies.  Sorry!


Lorraine said...

No problem re: not waiting - I wouldn't have waited for you either :-) - those flies were vicious!

Forger said...

Good luck Big Shoulders Krew!

Wytosk said...

Anyone up for a noon swim?

Gumdrop said...


Wytosk said...

crap i didn't see this. How bout 5?