Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Well I'll be Dipped

Next Swim: Thursday 7/24 6AM

Surprised again!  This morning the water temp was 49, this evening it is 63.  That means it's time for a dip.  See you on the beach at 6AM.

Apparently there is some disagreement in the Crew on the best day for Breakfast at Solly's.  Some want Friday morning after our 6AM swim.  Others would prefer Saturday morning so breakfast won't interfere with work.  But that would mean an early swim Saturday (7AM?).  If you have a preference and have not already commented please do so.  I'm fine with either options, there's never a bad day to have breakfast at Solly's.


Gumdrop said...

How much for pancakes with Showgirl?

Showgirl said...

Sadly, I must retract my previous statements. I can't go this Saturday-- I'm doing the 8am Sausage Run at Miller Park. But I'd still like to go out for breakfast sometime soon!

Kahuna said...

The sausage run rather than the sausage swim? Where are your priorities? I suppose just about everyday at the beach recently, with the cold water, has pretty much been a sausage fest, and today was no different. 49 degrees! Oh well, at least it was slippery and gunky too!