Thursday, July 24, 2014

Operator Error

Next Swim:  Friday July 25th 6AM followed by breakfast at Solly's.  Even if we don't swim we will still go to breakfast

Update Thursday 7PM:  I stopped by the beach at 5:30 and was flummoxed to measure a water temp of 64, a full 15 degrees warmer than this morning.  I am totally at a loss to explain, but I sure am happy about it.  I had a very pleasant skin swim.  Hopefully the warmer water will still be there in the morning.

Also, I will stop by the beach tonight (Thu 7-24) at 5:30 but I'm not optimistic that it will be warm enough to swim.

Last Swim:
Thursday 7/24 6AM
Water Temp: 49
Waves: One Foot
Water Clarity:  Terrible, with lots of gunk washed up on shore from yesterday's big waves.
Crew:  Diablo and Gumdrop, with me and Kahuna shivering on shore
Wetsuit/Skin Count: 1/1

Today we added another misadventure to our long list of skulduggeries.  I drove to the beach expecting warm water because that's what the NOAA maps showed.  I arrived at the beach and waded in as usual to take the temperature.  The water felt very cold but my thermometer read 60.  It didn't seem right so I took another reading and got the same thing.  So I prepared to do a skin swim, but the water still felt very cold and after three attempts to get in the very cold water I finally gave up.  I couldn't figure out why 60 degrees was such a problem.

Then I finally realized what was going on.  My thermometer takes two temperatures, air and water, but it only displays one of them.  I always set it to display the water temp, but I must have accidentally somehow toggled the button to read the air temperature.  So I took a third reading and got 49, which finally made sense.

Capt'n was conspicuously absent from the beach this morning but there is an item in the morning paper that may explain it: "a male was arrested for drinking and possession if both marijuana and drug paraphernalia at Klode Park at midnight".  Donations to his bail fund can be handed directly to me (cash only in a plain envelope).  


Missy Wheeler said...

Some of us were chatting after track yesterday about swimming on Sunday. I'll keep watch here to see if a pre-swim announcement is made. Otherwise we'll probably try for late morning/early afternoon to swim.

Neo said...
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Neo said...

The water was great tonight. A little cloudy near shore but warm and clear a little farther out. I had a great swim all the way up to Fox Point. I think I may have swam right past Scooby's place and was tempted to take one of his jet skis for a joy ride.