Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Next Swim:  ???  Whenever it warms up again, I will be monitoring

Update Monday evening 7/22 - water temp has fallen even further, 46 at 8PM

Last Swims:
Monday 7/21 6PM
Water Temp: 54
Waves:  Choppy
Water Clarity: Good
Crew:  Mike, Mike, Andy, Gumdrop

Tuesday 7/22
Water Temp: 49!
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Good
Crew:  Monica, Gumdrop, Diablo (others, including myself wimped out)

Yesterday I was predicting warmer water, so I adopted a "skin or bust" strategy for last nights swim.  It was a total bust.  Not only was my prediction wrong, it was spectacularly wrong.  The water temp was 56 yesterday morning, 54 yesterday evening, and 49 this morning.

What an unusual year.  It's not unusual to have some days of very cold water, even on the hottest days of summer.  But what's unusual this year is the lack of any warm days.  In past years we've seen many days with water temps in the high sixties or even low seventies by now.  But this year is different.  My raspberries and tomatoes are 3-4 weeks late this year, and so is the lake.

Maybe instead of whining about it I just need to adopt a new strategy, the "Diablo Strategy": swim no matter what.  Today's 49 degree water did not stop him from swimming to the picnic table and back without a wetsuit!  Wow!


Gumdrop said...

The Delaware needs crossing damn it! Who’s gonna do it? Well, not you buddy. I'll be swimmin, good and early, to feel the smoke on the water and the fire in the sky.

Lauren Harper said...

Orrrr, everybody could swim in Pewaukee, which has been absolutely fantastic!! (Haha I know that I get in big trouble for suggesting this!)

Patriarch said...

Last time i swam in Pewaukee it was choked with weeds and gas on the surface. Yuch

Gumdrop said...

Blashphemy. Make her walk the plank, but not before walking the piraty gauntlet!

Ben Speed said...

Wednesday morning at 5:10 AM. I stopped by Klode on the way to the gym. Water temp was 49.5 with rough surf. Sleep in.

Gumdrop said...

Last Swim:
Wed. 5:30 AM ish 7/23
Water Temp: 48
Waves: about 3 ft. strong current,some white caps
Water Clarity: shaken, not stirred
Crew: Went solo
Guest appearances: Capt'n, Showgirl, Panini

Gorgeous sunrise and playful waters.

w watson said...

I like the breakfast idea , with or without a wetsuit.

Kahuna said...

Maybe the strong winds and surf will break the evil, cold current we've had to deal with recently. The maps look a little better today. I note too that the forecast over the next few days is for a wind not out of the West. I'd vote Friday morning for Solly's, but think I could do Saturday as well, if we swim reasonable early (7:00?) and more folks might be able to enjoy a glorious Solly's breakfast on a Saturday, rather than a work day.

Showgirl said...

I can't do Solly's on a work day, but Saturday (any time) would be great.

Not to muddy the waters, but Benji's in Shorewood has pancakes that are the best I've ever had.... better than my own home-made. (No door county cherry tho.)