Friday, July 4, 2014

Nice improvement in temps for the 4th

Next Swim:  Saturday July 5th @ 1pm (Klode)

Last Swim:  Friday July 4th @ 1pm (Big Bay)
   Water Temp:  58+ (pockets of warmer water)
   Waves: Rippled surface with slight current from south
   Clarity:  Great!  (mostly crystal clear)
   Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Amy, Capt'n with special guest Bill
   Suit / Skin:  4 / 1
   Pitsch Count: 5

From the Big Bay bluff the crystal clear water had the appearance of the 48 degree water we experienced yesterday....but the Kru was very pleasantly surprised to have 58 degree water greet our toes as we waited into the water.

Despite the rippled lake surface and slight current from the south swimming felt nearly effortless today.  For the majority of the swim the water was crystal clear offering spectacular views of the sandy lake bottom decorated by an occasional lone big rock.  According to my GPS we swam a little more than 1 mile with the exception of Gumdrop who's i-drop program called for a 1 hour swim today.

Tomorrow we'll be back a Klode again.  Swim time is set for 1pm.  See ya' then!

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