Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lonely on the Beach

It was just me and the ducks and gulls on the beach last night.  This morning it was Diablo by himself.  I can't say blame you, the continuing streak of cold water temps is disheartening.  I measured 54 last night, same as the night before.

I'm not discouraged however.  The lake as a whole continues to warm up and sooner or later the law of averages will work in our favor.  People playing the slots think the same, but we're different, we deserve it (right?).

Maybe today is the day.  It's bright and sunny and there is a favorable onshore breeze to bring in the warm surface water.

Anyone else for 6PM swim today (Wed 7/16) at 6PM?  Please leave a comment.


John Schneider said...

Since I'm not running track workout tonight, I'll try to get there, I need to get some Michigan cold water swim in before Sunday...

w watson said...

I'm in! No reason the ducks should have all of the fun.

John Schneider said...

Crisis at work just getting out now ergo I won't be at 6 pm swim