Thursday, September 21, 2017

Party on Sunday!

Update:  Sunday's swim will be at Atwater Beach at noon.  Meet at the flagpole.  Hopefully the water will be clear and we'll be able to see the large shipwreck that is just a couple hundred yards offshore, but if not we'll just swim along the shore.

Next Swims:
* Thursday 9-21 6PM
* Friday 9-22 6:15 AM & 5:30PM
* Saturday 9-23 1PM
* Sunday 9-24, Swim at Noon, followed by:
2141 N. BUFFUM ST, MILWAUKEE WI (Handyman Hank and Northshore Nancy's new home--you can take the girl outta the Northshore, but you can't take the Northshore outta the girl). HH and NSN will provide burgers and brats, beer, and soda/water.  They ask that people bring a dish to pass.

Last Swims: 
Thursday 6:15 AM
Water: 63 Gently Rolling, No Chop, Mostly Clear
Crew: Cool Hand Luke, Showgirl, Patriarch

Wednesday 6PM
Water: 67, 2-3 ft swell
Crew: Itch, Liz, Wet Taco, Mr. Anonymous, Patriarch

Tuesday 6PM
Water: 68 Chop on Top of One to Two Foot Swell
Crew: Handyman Hank, Itch, Drangonfly, Panini, Patriarch

After Sunday's 58 degree water the temperature has remained above 60.  It's supposed to be hot and humid the next few days, come down to the beach to cool off.

And on Sunday continue cooling off with some cold brews at Hank and Nancy's party.  They are self-professed beer snobs, so I expect we'll have a nice selection of craft brew.  


jamie said...

maybe a shipwreck swim Saturday/Sunday ?!?
conditions seem pretty good presently......

rsm said...

anyone interested in an earlier swim this morning -- Saturday???? 10am 11am???

Lorraine said...

Anyone up for swimming earlier on Sun? 930 10 1030 11a at Klode? Not trying to be a party pooper - I have a conflict for noon but u can still do the shipwreck swim after!