Thursday, September 28, 2017

Always Rewarding

Next Swims:
* Thursday  5:30PM
* Friday September 29th 6:15AM and 5:30PM
Note that evening swims now are at 5:30PM

Last Swims:
Thursday 6:15 AM
Water: 58.9, clear, with slow swells stirring up the sand on the bottom
Crew: Mr. Anonymous, Panini, Showgirl

The air was cooler than the water this morning, and we all agreed that the water inside the rock piles was significantly cooler than the water outside.

It was shivery getting in. We sucked it up and headed north.  I visited the Big Tree again, and persuaded Mr. A to take a look, too.

Back on shore, we were positively gleeful over the fact that we had managed to drag ourselves out of bed, made it to to the beach, and had been so perfectly rewarded with a great swim and awesome sunrise.

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Dragonfly Riffraff said...

Planning for the weekend (yes, I have discovered this "planning thing...")..what time are Saturday and Sunday swims?