Sunday, September 17, 2017

Back To Reality

Next Swims:
* Mon 9/18, 6:15AM & 6PM
* Tue 9/19, 6:15AM & 6PM

And Don't Forget:
2:30 PM--people can still get in a swim at noon
2141 N. BUFFUM ST, MILWAUKEE WI (Handyman Hank and Northshore Nancy's new home--you can take the girl outta the Northshore, but you can't take the Northshore outta the girl). HH and NSN will provide burgers and brats, beer, and soda/water.  They ask that people bring a dish to pass.

Last Swims:
Sunday 9/17 noon
Water: 58 small waves
Crew: Diablo, Beth, Drangonfly, Phoenix, Wet Taco, Kahuna, Mark (Cool Hand Luke?), Lorraine, Capt'n, Itch, Magic Mike, Gumdrop, Pamini, Patriarch

Saturday noon
Water:  67 lots of chop on top of one foot swells
Crew: Kahuna, Gumdrop (on his SUP), Phoenix, Handyman Hank, Capt'n, El Jefe, Magic Mike, Nanook, Diablo, Itch, Liz, Mark, Patriarch  

Much consternation and moaning on the beach today as the temperature gauge failed to crack 60 degrees for the first time since July 17th!  We knew this day was coming, but it's always a shock when it actually happens.  

That's not to say the swim season is over.  There's plenty of warm water out there, all it takes is a wind shift to bring it back in.  And it's easy to forget but a couple of months ago we'd have died for 58 degree water.  It could be a lot worse.  Hell, it WILL be a lot worse.  

Regardless, it was a fantastic two months, perhaps our best swim season ever. 


thelmalu said...

I went in at Atwater on Sunday; my water temp. probe stabilized at 57.5F. Yet the Atwater buoy never reported a reading below 66F. I've been tracking my probe and the online buoy report for over two years, and I've never seen them so far out of synch. Does anyone have an explanation for what's happening?


Lorraine said...

All I can think of is that the buoy is a ways out and maybe the cold water is only near shore where the sand bar is higher and colder water was sucked up from below because of winds. The GLCFS water temps showed high 50s (only) near shore yesterday but it's back to lower 60s today. Can someone post the reading for this eve?

Patriarch said...

It was 65 at Klode Monday at 6pm

RDW said...

I think the buoy is malfunctioning. Check out this site. The buoy is reporting 65 degrees plus down to 30 ft.