Sunday, October 9, 2016

Good Advice

Next Swim:  Monday October 10th 5:30PM

Last Swim: Sunday October 9th 1PM Atwater Beach "Shipwreck" swim
Water:  59 clear 1-2 foot waves
Crew: Gumdrop, Kahuna, Lorraine, Drangonfly, Itch, Forger, Wet Taco, Patriarch

No finer place to spend a fine autumn day than in the lake.  You just need to remember that it's going to be cold and windy when you emerge from the water so it's important to change into warm dry clothes as fast as possible.  This has been a public service announcement brought to you by mom.  (And don't drink Luxardo it tastes terrible and it will eat you up from the inside.)


Kahuna said...

More advice, specifically about a Shipwreck swim:

1. To get to the wreck, head for the weather buoy.
2. The wreck is farther from shore than you think it will be (it takes about 10 minutes of swimming to get there; likewise, the weather buoy is farther from shore than it looks, as it takes about a half hour of swimming to get there).
3. Seeing the wreck is awesome!

Kahuna said...

And where is Ted? And where is showgirl? Neither has been seen since ironman -- coincidence?

Forger said...

Bobbing around searching for the wreck and finally finding it was fantastic! Amazing how clear the water was right over the 1905 wreck.

Showgirl said...

LOL. I really miss you guys. And girls. David's MTB team has eaten my life. Also, I was on vacation, to Paris From 9/23-10/02. Ted was not with me, alas. :) I hope to see you all this coming weekend.
Much love,

jamie said...

best swim ever!!!!!!!!

Lorraine said...

I'm not able to get off work early enough tonight to swim. I'll be there Tuesday at 5:30p!