Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ecstasy and Agony

Next Swim: Friday October 14th 5:30PM

Last Swim: Thursday October 13th 5:30PM
Water: 57 calm clear
Crew: Kahuna, Wet Taco, Lorraine, Drangonfly, Itch, Patriarch

Swimming at dusk is incredibly beautiful, especially in the full colors of autumn and more especially under an almost full moon rising over the lake.  But emerging from (relatively) warm water to a cold and windy beach was painful.  Fingers didn't work.  Feet turned to blocks of ice.  Even a shot of Pitsch couldn't warm us up.  Drangonfly's excellent birthday cupcakes helped.

Options for Saturday swim are:
1) 7AM swim (Kahuna'a proposal)
2) Midday (noon) swim
3) Full Moon swim - full moon rises over the lake at 6:13PM, followed by Pirates Pizza Night.
Please comment if you have a preference

Message from Lorraine (the Hun, not to be confused with Attila)
I lost my watch (again!) on the beach tonight. Diablo (or anyone else), if you go in the am or anytime Fri and happen to see it where I usually park (near the wall/black pipe), please save it for me! It's a blue women's timex ironman classic digital watch - looks like this . Thx.


Wytosk said...

fingers crossed on the watch.

My vote is for full moon swim and pizza!

Kahuna said...

my vote is for 7a.m., beautiful colors and sunrise, and then we can get on with the day.

Kahuna said...

If Lorraine's nickname is "The Hun," do we get to greet her "Hey Hun!" Or "Hun, can you do me a favor?" or "Hey, Hun, how about we go out for a beer after this?" Has everyone thought through the implications of this nickname?

Lorraine said...

Kahuna - yes, I have and I want a different nickname.

Lorraine said...

I'm good with option 2 or 3 - forecast is for 66 at noon and 68 at 6p Sat.

Dragonfly Riffraff said...

My preference is also full moon evening swim & pizza. I won't be able to make noon and I'm not sure how motivated one has to be to get there at 7 a.m.!

My husband, Mr. Drangonfly, was very impressed with the ritualistic Pitsch drinking:"Was this how the Druids did it?" he wondered.

Hope you find the watch!

Kahuna said...

We're all gonna miss ya, Hun.

So let's get back to a contest to come up with a "nom de plage" for Lorraine. Nominations?

Quiche? (Too obvious?)

Given her connections to UWM how about "Panther" or "Pounce" or "Pounce the Panther"?

Or given her connections to public health, how about "Crypty the Cryptosporidian" or "Crypto Queen"?

Unknown said...

Full moon swim and pizza sounds worth the drive from Chicago!

Wytosk said...

'crypto quiche' keeps making me giggle