Saturday, September 13, 2014

You Know You're Alive

Next Swim: Sunday September 14th 11AM

Last Swim: Saturday September 13th 1PM
Water Temp: 55
Waves: 2 foot rollers
Water Clarity: Gunky near shore but much nicer 50 meters out
Crew: Panini, Monika, Nivens McTwist, Diablo, Gumdrop, Capt'n, Patriarch, and with a guest appearance by a woman rumored to be Miss Wisconsin 2006
Wetsuit/Skin: 6/1
PitschCount: 7

On days like today when the water is cold we ask ourselves "exactly why are we doing this?".  Nivens McTwist came up with the best answer yet, "Because you know you're alive".  It's not just the shock of jumping in cold water.  When we jump into the lake we're jumping out of the routine everyday world into a wild and unpredictable wilderness. It's fun and challenging and difficult, and a bit dangerous.  We're alive and joyful.  And we know the season is short and we're near the end so we savor every swim.  We'll be back at it tomorrow, of course.

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