Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm Number One

Next Swims:
Monday September 8th 6AM
Tuesday September 9th 6AM

Last Swims:
Big Shoulders - Ohio Street Beach in Chicago
Water Temp:  all over the place, very inconsistent from spot to spot, mostly in the low to mid 60's
Waves:  also inconsistent - very choppy and difficult in some spots, not so bad in others
Water Clarity:  Excellent in some spots, not so great in others
Crew: Mitch, Bubba, Jamie, Kate, Steve, David, Patriarch

Sunday September 7th noon
Water Temp: 54
Waves: Flat Calm
Water Clarity:  Perfectly Crystal Clear - Amazing - Outstanding - Beautiful
Crew: Adam, Diablo, Kahuna, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 2/2
Pitsch Count: 3

Saturday, September 6th 1 pm
Water Temp: 51
Waves: Rolling, but not bad
Water Clarity: Clearing
Crew: Diablo, Showgirl, Monica, Cobbie, Kahuna
Watching from shore: Cathy and her Wonder Dog.
Wetsuit/Skin: 4/1

If someone offered you a dollar would you grab a large live fish by it's tail and pull it out of the water?  Diablo would.  Diablo and Kahuna turned back before Adam and I and they came across a very large fish swimming sluggishly on the bottom.  (The size of the fish increased with every retelling starting around one foot - it's now up around six feet)  It was swimming sluggishly in the cold water. Kahuna told Diablo he would give him a buck if he would pull it out and Diablo promptly did so.  As least that's what they said, but they were both incoherent from cold at the time.

I don't have time to write everything about Big Shoulders, there is so much to say.  Perhaps we should have a Pirates Fish Fry Friday to recount Big Shoulders and Ironman adventures.

But I do have one thing that can't wait:
I was also the only person in the 65-69 2.5K wetsuit division

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