Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lake Michigan Dreams

Big Bay and back battling ten foot waves.  Warm clear water.    Wetsuits unnecessary.  Panini and Showgirl gliding over the waves. Mermaids swimming beneath us. Diablo grabbing their tails and launching them out of the water.  Kahuna washed up on the beach like a piece of driftwood.  Gumdrop swimming butterfly.  Capt'n, wearing his pirate costume singing "Good morning to you, good morning to you" in a hideous German accent. Beautiful sunrise as we swim.  Back to shore, we polish off a bottle of Pitsch.  Then I woke up.  It's dark and cold and I'm late.  I rush over to Klode to find Diablo and Panini and Showgirl walking back up the path, having decided it was too cold and too rough to swim.   Instead we went to Stone Creek for coffee and sweets.

P.S.  I am leaving for Nashville early tomorrow (Friday) morning for my granddaughter's fourth birthday.  Coming back Wednesday.  I'm not sure what Captn's plans are, but I suspect he'll be wanting to swim this weekend.

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Kahuna said...

AAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH, MATIES, it's talk like a pirate day, and Gum Drop hasn't mentioned it yet! WTH?