Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sympathy and the Lack Thereof

Next Swims:
Monday July 4th 1PM.  Because Klode beach will be closed for fireworks set-up, we will swim from Big Bay beach, on Lake Drive at the east end of Fairmount Ave.  There is no parking lot, you may need to park a block or two away.  Also, don't be fooled by the signs.  One says Big Bay Park and the other says Buckley Park.  I can't explain why - it's Whitefish Bay, what do you expect?

Tuesday - Friday July 5th - 8th, 6AM every weekday morning at Klode

Also, Tuesday July 5th 5:30 PM at Klode
Possibly swims on other evenings - check back

Last Swim:  Sunday July 3rd 1PM
Water Temp 68 decent
Waves:  small chop
Water Clarity:  Very Good
Crew:  Handyman Hank & North Shore Nancy, Gumdrop, Panini, Crash, Showgirl, Kahuna, Capt'n, Diablo, Nanook, Itch, Lorraine, Chris, Liz, Patriarch, and welcome to two new swimmers, Dingo and Dragonfly
Suit/Skin: 5/12
Shots: 17

Poor Nanook.  A recent RN and one of our youngest swimmers, she appeared to have a bright future ahead of her.  But it's all been ruined by the minnow that traumatized her by somehow getting inside her suit while she was swimming.  When she tells the story you can hear the horror that has scared her for life.  You might think that having a fish wriggling around inside your suit might be a pleasant experience but apparently not for her.

We can sympathize with Nanook, but our sympathies for Kahuna are wearing thin.  He says he will be on wheelchair and crutches for another month.  He sits in his wheelchair at the top of the path and looks pathetic, hoping that someone will wheel him down and help him into the water.  I'm not buying it.  Kahuna give me $100 or I'm going to send pictures to Squeezakuhuna.

Then there is Panini.  When I return from my swim she is sunning on the beach.  She claims she actually swum, but I doubt it.  And just because I accidentally (really, it was accidental) drip some water on her while she's laying there, she starts throwing rocks at me.  How juvenile.

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