Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Next Swims: Wed-Fri July 13-15, 6AM each morning

Last Swim:  Tue July 12 5:30PM
Water Temp: 53 A Wee Bit Cold
Waves: calm
Clarity: Crystal
Crew:  LL Cold J, with Scarface, North Shore Nancy, Not Dave's Wife, Jackie, and me watching from shore.
Suit/Skin: 1/0
Shots: 6

Not even having five gorgeous women to myself on the beach could console me.  The one I wanted most had given me the cold shoulder.  Lured me in with a siren song of promises of warm clear water, and then laughed in my face when I came close.  53???  Really???  O cruel lady.  Will I ever learn?


Dragonfly Riffraff said...

How far did you get?

rsm said...

LL Cold J got to the rocks and came back. Tried a couple more times. No dice.

rsm said...

we all had Pitsch though!