Sunday, August 17, 2014

Stark Contrast

Next Swims:
   Monday August 18th @ 6am & 6pm?

Last Swim:
   Sunday August 17th @ 9am
      Water Temp:  65
      Waves:  chaotic 1-3ft
      Clarity: murky near shore / cloudy off shore
      Crew:  The Patriarch, Diablo, Showgirl, Sketch, Don Diego, Zoom-Zoom, Phil, Ben, Kate, Kyle, Jess, Dean, Todd, Angie, Capt'n with Extra Special Guest Appearance by Megan (...who even shared with us her big box of donuts!!)
      Skin / Suit:  1 / 14
      Pitsch Count: 5

Gone this morning were the calm clear water conditions and the sunshine filled blue skies.  Replacing them was a constant breeze from the northeast that brought with it chaotic 1-3ft waves and an abundance of clouds.  Certainly not a picturesque day for a swim like Saturday but it didn't deter this morning's crew of 15 from walking the plank!

Most fought the turbulent conditions and logged a 1 mile swim up to mudslide and back while still others completed the 1.5 mile journey up to the Orange Kayak and back.  To celebrate we toasted our exceptional swim accomplishment this morning with a round of Pitsch followed by brunch at the North Star cafe.  Many thanks to Megan who patiently waited while we completed our 80 minute swim and was still nice enough to share her box of donuts with us!  :)

Monday morning's 6am is a definite "go".  Please post a comment if you're interested in swimming Monday evening.

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Waterbug08 said...

Ill be there Monday night!