Friday, August 15, 2014

Kahuna is the Best!

Next Swims:  Saturday Aug 16th 9AM, Sunday August 17th 9AM

The Crew couldn't come to a consensus on whether Saturday or Sunday was better for a Big Bay swim, so what the heck we can do both days (conditions permitting).  It's your option to do one or both days.  My wife Gelaney has graciously agreed to provide shuttle service for people and gear as necessary.

Once again, a Big Bay swim is a swim from Klode Park to Big Bay park, with the option to swim back, jog back, or be driven back.  The one way swim is 1.2 miles.  If you don't want to swim that far you can always do a shorter out and back.

Following Saturday's swim we will again attempt to GTBFTOFB (get the big freaking tire off the beach).  A large tractor tire has either washed ashore or pushed down the bluff and is marring our beautiful beach.  With the help of five or six people we should be able to quickly dig it out and roll it to the beach house where the DPW can take it up the bluff and dispose of it.  You don't need to bring any tools, Kahuna will supply them, but work gloves might be useful.

Last swims:
Friday 8/15 6AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity:  still all stirred up silt and sand, but the gunk near the beach is gone
Crew: Showgirl, Ruth, Sarah, Kahuna, Diablo, Nivens McTwist, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 2/5

Thursday 8/14 6PM
Water Temp: 71
Waves:  small chop
Water Clarity: Poor
Crew:  Mitch, Showgirl, Panini, Gumdrop, Sketch, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 1/5

Thursday 8/14 6AM
Water Temp: 70
Waves:  2 foot, very choppy and irregular, difficult swimming
Water Clarity:  Awful, lots of gunk especially near shore
Crew: Nanook, Kahuna, Diablo, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 1/3

These last three swims couldn't have been more different.  I can honestly say that any swim in the lake is an enjoyable swim, but I have to admit that Thursday morning's swim was one of my least enjoyable.  The water was gunky and the waves weren't big but very choppy and irregular, the proverbial washing machine.  The waves pushed arms one way, torso another, dragged feet down, and slapped you in the face when you came up to breath (or take a swallow).  But there was a redeeming highlight:  when we returned to the parking lot a lady mistook Gabriel for Ted.  I laughed all the way home.

Thursday night was much better.  Although it was still a bit choppy, it was much easier swimming.  And to top things off we enjoyed a beverage (or two) at the beer garden.

Friday morning's swim was one of our best ever.  Not only did we have warm calm water, Kahuna greeted us on our return with hot coffee and donuts.  Kahuna, you are the BEST!

Finally, here is a picture that Kahuna took this morning as we left the beach.

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Showgirl said...

Kahana you ARE the best! The coffee and donuts were an unexpected and wonderful treat after a great swim. Thank you again.