Saturday, August 16, 2014

Check and Check

Next Swim:  Sunday August 17th, 9AM

Conditions permitting, we can repeat today's Big Bay swim.  But if you don't want to go that far you can always do a shorter swim.  We'll have a car at Big Bay to shuttle gear and people as needed.  Once again:  Big Bay one way is 1.2 miles.

Note:  In a previous post I had suggest the Beer Garden after the swim, but it doesn't open until noon.  Any good brunch places?

Last Swim:
Saturday August 16, 9AM
Water Temp: 67
Waves: Calm
Water Clarity: Crystal Clear
Crew: Pat, Mike, Monica, Kahuna, Diablo, Jack Frost, Tod, Patriarch
Wetsuit/Skin: 5/3
Special Thanks to the Matriarch for driving us back to Klode from Big Bay.

We set out this morning with two goals.  Swim to Big Bay and get the Big Freaking Tire off the beach. Check and check.

All seven who started with us made it to Big Bay, three swam back and four of us were driven back.  (Tod came later and did a shorter swim.)  Conditions were near ideal.  Warm and sunny day with calm clear relatively warm water.  It's a scenic swim, especially past the mansions near Big Bay.

As you may recall about a quarter mile from Big Bay there is a large sunken wood pier with one post sticking out of the water.  Or it used to.  Because of the high water it's not visible from the surface anymore and of course I just missed it.  Surprise!  Damn!

After the swim we went to work on the tire.  It took a half hour of heavy work to free it from the sand, but then rolling it up the beach was easy.  When we got back to the beach a lady who lives on the bluff approached and asked if we could help her with a tree that had fallen in her yard and she wanted uprighted.  I joked "you couldn't afford us".  She looked me straight in the eye and said "oh yes I could".   Double Damn!
Tod, Patriarch, Diablo, Mike, photo by Kahuna

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Sketch said...

Jack Pandl's has brunch. Right next to Big Bay...German authentic style brunch.