Saturday, October 15, 2011

The return of...

Next Swim: Sunday 10/16 4PM

Last Swims: Friday 10/14 9AM, Saturday 10/15 9AM

Saturday Conditions:

Water Temp: 52.1
Air Temp: 47 & Sunny
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: good
Saturday Crew: Diablo Jack Frost, Capt'n
Friday Crew: Diablo

Jack Frost has returned after being absent for the past several weeks. Coincidentally (?) so has the cold water. Not that we're skeptics or anything like that but Diablo and I thought it was a bit strange that the cold water returns and Jack Frost not only suddenly appears but also comes prepared with neoprene hat, socks AND 5mm gloves. Coincidence? ...hmmmm.

With the exception of the cooler water and air temps everything else was quite pleasant for this morning's swim. Plentiful sunshine, brilliant fall colors along the shoreline and a flat water surface. This morning's swim started at Klode's north beach as the remnants of Gumdrop's spa were still lingering along Klode's south beach. We made it up to Cedar Grove before deciding to return back.

Friday morning Diablo was the only crew member to show up for the group swim. Here's his report: "Well, here is 10/14 9AM swim: Chuck, Chucky, Chuck&Cheese and Diablo swam to Cedar from the North beach. We try to go from our usual spot but Gumdrop Spa still there with a members only sign. It was nice to feel the sun and see more than shadows. The bluff protected us from the west wind so we were able to log another skin swim. The water was a little bit clear, and the temp felt upper 50's. More swimming tomorrow, can hardly wait..."

With the Packer game at Noon on Sunday the plan is to swim following the game at 4pm. I will be present if I don't have a scheduling conflict with the TriWisconsin Board meeting.

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