Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Milestone Achieved

Next Swims: Friday 10/14 9AM, Saturday 10/15 9AM

Last Swims: Wednesday 10/12 5:30PM & Thursday 10/13 5:30PM


Water Temp: 58.2
Air Temp: cloudy, rain & upper 50's
Waves: glasslike with an occasional swell
Water Clarity: poor / saturated with sand near shore
Wednesday Crew: Diablo with special guest witness The Patriarch
Thursday Crew: The Patriarch, Gumdrop, Kahuna, Capt'n

Cloudy skies and light rain fell as we arrived on the Klode beach. Not a very pleasant day for a swim much less a skin swim. Yet the crew new full well what was at stake....a chance to enter the record books by logging the latest skin swim in the year. Not even sand saturated water near shore or a water temp of just 58 could deter them from walking the plank skin.

So walk the plank skin we did. For Gumdrop the mission was clear...swim quickly up to the Garage and get back to shore...don't stop, don't socialize along the way and don't pass 'GO', just get-er-done. While Kahuna's route was similar to Gumdrop's he was a lot more sociable...stopping with The Patriarch and I at the North Shore Down Spout and then again at Garage to remark how pleasant the water was. ( least I think that's what his comments meant as I didn't hear him say 'Flahw' once.)

On the return journey The Patriarch and I were determined to find clear(er) water so we swam out deeper. While we were unsuccessful in finding clear water the clarity did improve...I think I could actually see my elbow below me. Despite the cloudy/sandy water conditions swimming across flat water is always a pleasant experience.

Swimming the next few days will be challenging for me due to scheduling conflicts with races and my cousin's wedding. Diablo has declared that he will be swimming at 9am Friday. I can only make 9am Saturday and Sunday is TBD. If you have a preferred swim time for this weekend, please post a comment.


Diablo said...

Are we all going to your cousin's wedding? Food, drinks, cousins...Argh!!! I'm in.

Diablo said...

Well, here is 10/14 9AM swim:
Chuck, Chucky, Chuck&Cheese and Diablo swam to Cedar from the North beach. We try to go from our usual spot but Gumdrop Spa still there with a members only sign. It was nice to feel the sun and see more than shadows. The bluff protected us from the west wind so we were able to log another skin swim.
The water was a little bit clear, and the temp felt upper 50's.
More swimming tomorrow, can hardly wait...

The Patriarch said...

I don't want to go to the Capn's cousins wedding, I want to go to Capn's wedding.

Gumdrop said...

Hey Capn, you got any single wench cousins left?

Kahuna said...

Packers play at noon on Sunday. How about a 4:00 swim that day? With strong West wind today and tomorrow, a swim on Saturday or Sunday may be brisk.

Kahuna said...

Cap'n raised a good question the other day, and I think it went something like this: "If a tree swims in the forest, and there's no other tree there to swim with the tree, did the tree swim?"

Anybody else have any deep thoughts?

Diablo said...

Is the Captain getting married?

Gumdrop said...

MMM, I'll bet Killipitsch goes good with wedding cake!