Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 down / 2 to go

Next Swims: Friday 10/7 6AM & Saturday 10/8 1PM & Sunday 10/9 1PM

Last Swims: Wednesday 10/5 5:30PM & Thursday 10/6 6AM & Thursday 10/6 5:30PM

Wednesday 10/5 PM Conditions:
Water Temp: upper 50's
Air Temp: 62 & Sunny
Waves: slight chop
Water Clarity: clear
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna with special guest appearance from The Patriarch

Thursday 10/6 AM Conditions:
Water Temp: 57.4
Air Temp: 50 & clear skies
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: clear
Crew: Diablo, Kahuna, Gumdrop, Capt'n

Thursday 10/6 PM Conditions:
Water Temp: 59.2
Air Temp: 64 & Sunny
Waves: slight chop
Water Clarity: cloudy
Crew: The Patriarch, Diablo, Nick, AJ, Capt'n

A macho man would probably brag about swimming skin in 50 degree water and air temps that are even colder. A macho man may even debate with his fellow crew mates which of them is macho-er. Rather than follow in the footsteps of macho men Diablo and I have taken up a different debate.....who's dumb and dumber.

Sure we could very easily climb into our wetsuits and enjoy our swims all comfy cozy. But do we? No! But as to exact why we still go skin is still a lively debate that frequently pits dumb vs dumber.

Swimming skin these past few days hasn't been as glorious as we make it out to be on the beach...but when there are spectators (...especially M-Power and her crew...) we're getting pretty good at hamming it up. Truth be told though..I think we may actually spend more time contemplating walking the plank skin as The Patriarch spends getting out of his wetsuit and packing his bags prior to departing the beach....well, then again, maybe we don't spend that much time at it.

The skin counter currently reads 98...just 2 shy of the century mark. With 3 swims scheduled before the end of the weekend it looks likely that we'll set this historic mark this weekend. (note: no swim Friday evening as the Brewers play at 4pm...GO BREWERS!!!) The forecast for this weekend looks absolutely spectacular for a swim in the lake....come on out for a swim, or at least a round of Pitsch or two. :)

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