Saturday, October 2, 2010

Swim day 133 - Biggest Waves of the Year!

Next Swims: Sunday 11AM

Last Swims: Friday 6AM & Saturday 2PM
Water Temp: 53 both days
Waves: Friday calm / Saturday 3-5ft
Water Clarity: Friday crystal clear / Saturday saturated with sand
Crew: Diablo, Capt'n

It was as if the Lady of the Lake knew we had arrived and that we were attempting to break our record of 132 swim days set last year. The winds all morning had been brisk from the NNW but upon arriving at Klode the parking lot flag indicated that they had shifted to be from the NNE.

Greeting us today were strong winds and frequent 3-5 foot waves that thundered to shore and washed all the way up to the base of the bluff. No doubt, if we were going to continue our streak and set the record today we would be in for a challenge.

Due to the frequency and direction of the waves we swam from Klode's north beach...the first such time we've done that this year. The entire setting today was reminiscent of the adventure The Patriarch and I had a couple of years ago when we charged into the big waves from Klode's north beach only to be knocked immediately on our butts by the playful surf.

Our swim from Klode's north beach to the Garage took approximately 10 minutes. The combination of frequent waves and a strong current made for a slow struggle northward. Swimming 5 additional minutes northward took us only half way to Cedar Grove from the Garage. Coming back was a complete different story though. What took us 15 minutes in one direction lasted what felt like mere seconds in the other....oh what fun!!

Interestingly, upon returning to the parking lot following our outstanding adventure the Klode parking lot flag momentarily went limp...and then did an about face to indicate that the winds had returned to blowing from the NNW.

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