Thursday, September 30, 2010

Next Swims: Friday 6AM (& 5:30pm?), Saturday 2PM

Last Swim: Thursday 6AM
Water Temp: 53
Waves: calm
Water Clarity: crystal clear
Crew: Diablo, Beth, Capt'n

Another picture perfect morning for a swim. Clear skies with a bright half moon and a glowing red horizon. The water remains crystal clear and the glowing white sands can still be easily seen in 10ft of water.

Diablo and I will for sure be swimming at 6am Friday. There's also a possibility for a 5:30 swim just prior to the 6pm TriWi open house at Wheel & Sprocket. Please comment if you're interested in swimming at 5:30pm on Friday.

Due to the Lapham Peak Colorama run on Saturday morning we will swim at 2pm Saturday afternoon. A time for Sunday's swim is still at large....Kahuna is rumored to be interested in swimming at 7:30am followed by breakfast at Solly's.

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