Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big Weekend Ahead

Next Swim: Thursday 9/9, 5:00PM

Last Swims: Tue & Wed 5:45AM
Water Temp: 50 on Tuesday, 47 on Wednesday
Waves: Small Swells
Water Clarity: Good
Crew: Cap'n & Diablo

Cap'n & Diablo are determined to extend our streak of swim days, which currently stands at 109. However they will swim at 5PM on Thursday, instead of Thursday morning, in the hope that the water will be a bit warmer in the afternoon sun.

The Big Weekend is almost here! Good luck to all Big Shoulders and Iron Man participants and volunteers!

The big difference between the Big Shoulders and Ironman swims is that in Big Shoulders most people don't wear wetsuits (you can wear one, but you don't "count" in the race), whereas in Ironman most people do wear wetsuits. That's why it's so iron(man)ic, that the big worry in Big Shoulders is that Lake Michigan is too cold, so swimmers could be forced into wetsuits if they want to stay warm, whereas in Ironman, Lake Monona could be too warm, forcing triathletes out of their wetsuits if they want to be competitive. Perhaps the two races should trade venues.


Beth said...

Anybody still interested in swiming Thurs AM? Feel free to call/text 414-331-8498. I can't make the 5:00 PM swim.

Beth said...

Anyone interested in a local Saturday swim that will NOT be followed by a 112mi bike which will NOT followed by a marathon? How about a swim followed by a bike ride to Starbucks and a brisk walk up to the counter?

robin said...

Beth, you are funny. Did you get any takers? @ Big shoulder did it go?

Beth said...

In a last minute turn of events, Gumdrop and I swam at 12:30, though not for very long. There was a guy out there on a surfboard. Big, fun waves, cold water-- even Gumdrop wore a wetsuit....... all after doing the Lk Geneva tri. Very impressive. My question: Is the streak unbroken???? And Robin, good luck tomorrow!!