Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Return to Summer Swim Tuesday Evening

Next Swims: Tuesday 9/21 5PM & Wednesday 9/22 6AM

Last Swims: Sunday 9/19 11AM & Monday 9/20 6AM
Water Temp: 51.9 Sunday & 53.2 Monday
Waves: Frequent 1-2ft Rollers
Water Clarity: clear
Crews: Diablo, Capt'n

With the air temps forecasted to climb into the 80s Tuesday we've declared Tuesday evening's 5PM swim to be our "Return to Summer Swim". While it's always difficult to predict the water temps, Monday's east breeze combined with Tuesday's warm air temps make it likely that we'll see at least a moderate warm up of water temps into the mid-to-upper 50's. If there's enough interest, perhaps we can celebrate our Return to Summer Swim at our favorite Pizza Kitchen following the swim? ....Interested? Please comment.

Sunday we logged swim day number 120 for the year. A slight chop both Sunday and Monday made for fun swims...with the roll of the water remaining in your bones even after you returned to shore. Due to time constraints, swims both days went from Klode's southeast beach up to the Garage and back. ...although we did find time to celebrate the swims with a refreshing strip & dip viking swim. :)

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Gumdrop said...

Anyone up for a 3:30 skin swim?